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M Y   S T O R Y

As a seasoned filmmaker and storytelling expert with a diverse background in journalism, radio editing, and television research, I bring a wealth of experience to every project. Since transitioning to full-time freelance work in 2019, I've leveraged my education from Amsterdam Hogeschool, where I graduated with a degree in Media and Information Management and Camera Journalism, to advise companies and development organizations across various sectors.

My expertise spans a wide range of topics, including agriculture, corruption, democracy, education, rule of law, governance, data visualization, and transportation. With over 14 years of storytelling experience and a decade of working in Ghana, I'm deeply passionate about amplifying African narratives and giving voices to individuals from all walks of life.

I thrive on the challenge of distilling complex information into emotionally resonant stories that captivate and hold the viewer's attention. My focus on human-interest stories is evident in my own documentary work, where I strive to shed light on compelling narratives that often go unnoticed.

When you entrust me with your media projects, you can expect clear messaging, innovative approaches, and timely delivery, all executed with international quality standards. I am committed to ensuring that your stories are not only heard but also leave a lasting impact on your audience.

  • Creative concepts

  • Video and Audio Documentaries

  • Animations 

  • Virtual Reality

  • Video and audio success stories and project films

  • Infographics

  • Documentary photography

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