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M Y   S T O R Y

I am a senior filmmaker and storytelling expert, and an ex-journalist, radio editor, and TV researcher. I started my fulltime freelance career since 2019, and am an Amsterdam Hogeschool graduate with a degree in Media and Information Management and Camera Journalism. I advise companies and development organisations that work in areas ranging from agriculture, corruption, democracy, education, rule of law, governance, data visualisation and transportation. With 14 years of experience in storytelling and 10 years of experience in Ghana, I am particularly focused on how stories are told in Africa, to make small stories big, and give people from all walks of life a platform to express their view. 

I find it intriguing to break down information in order to trigger emotions and capture and hold the viewer’s attention. My passion lies with human-interest stories, which I concentrate on in my own documentaries. 

I will ensure your media products have a clear message, are innovative and produced timely with International quality.


Specialized in:

  • Creative concepts

  • Video and Audio Documentaries

  • Animations

  • Video and audio success stories and project films

  • Infographics

  • Documentary photography

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