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As documentary filmmaker, my passion lies with human interest stories. Making a small personal story big and giving a platform to those who normally do not get the chance to speak up. Most of the below documentaries are self funded projects produced over a long period.

Wooden Children

Currently I work on a new documentary called 'Wooden children' which takes place in Benin. A voodoo topic that shows how mothers manage the grief of their deceased twin children by reincarnating them into wooden dolls, called twin dolls. 

On the right you see research footage of the project filmed in Benin. The filming for the documentary itself has not yet started. 
Are you interested in funding this project? Send an email for more information on the Wooden Children Docu project.  

11x Lockdown

11x Lockdown is a short Dutch documentary that follows 11 lockdown stories of Dutch women who live abroad, showing us the impact of different rules and regulations on their private life.

All stories are filmed by the participants with their phone with constant guidance from Barbara from a distance. This documentary was aired on Dutch Television (NPO2 extra) in 2020.


Would you like to know more about how this was produced, contact me for more details.

The Cure

The Cure is a short documentary, filmed between 2011 and 2019, about a shady doctor who advertises his herbal medicine as a cure for HIV-Aids. We follow five of his clients throughout these years to see what this promise does to their life. This documentary was mostly filmed by me as the only crew member.

The documentary has won an award for 'Best Film' on the Toronto Short Film Festival in 2019.


To watch the full documentary on vimeo:

password: TheCureDocu

Stolen money recovered

I produced this documentary for Corruption Watch Ghana, explaining a known Ghanaian corruption case 'the Gyeeda case' and how asset recovery, or rather the lack of it, plays an important role in ending corruption in Ghana. The documentary was aired on Ghanaian Television in 2019.

For the full film:

Produced under the wing of CDD-Ghana.

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